Prayer is dependence on God

I wish it was different, but air travel is not what it used to be. Technology, Covid fallout, and rising costs have made flying quite impersonal and complicated — with the resulting onerous squarely on the traveler. Just like everything in our current culture, the doctrinaire is to get an app and it will supply all the information you need. Yeah, right.

What about when no one was at the arrival gate last week to tell us where to go for our specific bus transport? No one in sight. Pick up a “help phone” on the wall outside the concourse bathrooms? No help there either. The app is useless — human beings are priceless.

But our Heavenly Father is always there. Always.

I am reminded of the words of the songwriter:

We have a Heavenly Father above

With eyes full of mercy and a heart full of love

And He really cares when your head is bowed low

Consider the lilies and then you will know.

Those lilie’s in the field depend completely on the heavenly Father. They have no bank accounts, no insurance plans, nor any governmental assistance. They depend fully on the rain, Sun, and natural nutrients the Heavenly Father provides.

They are as perfect a picture as we can get of a dependent believer — trusting God in prayer. They are the example our Savior used in the Sermon on the Mount where He taught us to pray.

Both on the mount (in Matt.6:10) and in the garden (in Matt. 26:42) Jesus taught us to pray the prayer of utter dependence, “Thy will be done.” On the Mount He taught us how to live — in total dependence on our Heavenly Father. In the Garden He taught how to trust Him for eternal life — in total dependence on God’s unmerited gift of salvation.

We use the phrase,”Prayer changes things.” Yes, prayer changes us from self reliance to God focused dependence. Prayer changes and blesses our partners in prayer as they join in the ministry of intercession. But, in actuality, God changes things! He alone is the one who can take our hopeless or seemingly impossible circumstances to reveal His perfect plan and will.

What a privilege to lean on the everlasting arms of the almighty God. Total dependence through the gateway of prayer is the pathway into His protecting and providential presence. Let’s live like the lilies…

5 thoughts on “Prayer is dependence on God

  1. frankhamrick

    Amen. A great lesson I am still trying to learn. When I think I have it, I am reminded I’m still in the first grade. There seems to be a gap between what I know and what I show! Your message is a reminder. Continuing to pray.

  2. Frank, you are such a transparent blessing. You got me looking towards the God focus — always. That phrase “Prayer Changes Things” has always left me uneasy. I do not want to diminish the importance of urging fervent praying. But so many times we feel like it is our effort that moves the needle. Dependence on God is the only option. He can change our will, or our circumstances, or heal our bodies — but always conforms us to His will. His best.

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