Following God’s Leading

Led by His Hand

In the year 2000 Positive Action Bible curriculum commissioned a talented artist by the name of Chris Ellison to illustrate Frank Hamrick’s study entitled Behold Your God. Chris developed thirty-five magnificent drawings depicting the nature, character, and works of the Godhead to introduce each lesson.

My favorite illustration is for the chapter on “His Omnipotence” that shows a mighty hand parting the waters of the Red Sea. Frank begins that lesson with these words from Puritan theologian Thomas Watson. Speaking of God Watson says, “He can do what He will; His power is as large as His will.” We have seen a measure of that power all through the Grace Journey of our lives. But at no time has it been more evident than these last two weeks since the dreaded word cancer became personal.

Today we are making final preparations to depart for Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, on Monday. Later next week we’ll go through medical testing and then on Thursday meet with an evaluating physician who will lay out the plan of attack to address the cancer discovered in my bladder.

I am at peace with this process because I can see the incredible way our faithful Lord has opened doors for this treatment option in just two weeks’ time. The past days have been a blur of preparations for this next step of the journey. God is at work and this cancer challenge is only one of the current issues we’re facing. But in all of these trials we remember our sovereign God’s words, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Charles Simeon in 1759 is reported to have said to his congregation,

“What is before us, we know not, whether we shall live or die; but this we know, that all things are ordered and sure. Everything is ordered with unerring wisdom and unbounded love, by thee, our God who art love. Grant us in all things to see thy hand; through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

While studying God’s grace over the last dozen years, I have learned that His grace is matchless, sustaining, and sufficient. Not deterministic, but saturated with God’s superintending direction. So that through our decision making we can have confidence that God’s providential hand is leading and guiding us. I don’t understand it. Just revel in His goodness and grace.

My good friend John Brock said this week in a Good Friday meditation, “Nothing goes off the rails on the train of Providence.” I love that thought. A wise Thomas Watson observes, “Learn quietly to submit to divine providence. Do not murmur at things that are ordered by divine wisdom. We may no more find fault with the works of providence than we may with the works of creation.”

We are so thankful for the multitudes of friends who have sent messages indicating their prayer support. Likewise, we are buoyed by the precious scripture passages that have been transmitted to us. I’ve compiled a growing list of verses that I call “Our Treasure Trove” of God’s promises. We are resting, trusting, and going forward to follow where the Lord leads.

Positive Action grants Gerry Carlson free use of this image for non-commercial purposes. When presented, note that permission was granted by Positive Action Bible Curriculum and that the original art was by Chris Ellison.

5 thoughts on “Following God’s Leading

  1. Joy and Chuck and Carol

    Oh how we are praying and will keep praying. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Blessings and love

  2. Julie Russo

    Praying for you and Connie on this journey. Happy you are at peace with Gods providence. You have experienced His Grace many times and can truly revel in His goodness through through this journey ,especially knowing all who love you both are praying to our Holy God.

  3. Tim Weniger

    Gerry and Connie, thank you so very much for opening your hearts to us publicly in this fasion. We are praying for you through these days and weeks. I am reminded of my life verse, which is Isaiah 43:2: “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee; when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.” May these promises from God light your pathway. May you experience the deep love of God embracing you and His peace filling your hearts as you walk this journey. We love you very much!

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