Dr. Dick – Part 3

This final installment (perhaps just for now) remembering the principled stalwart Baptist Historian Dr. Richard Weeks actually harks back to his early days – student days. I find this booklet entitled “The Life Story of Humility” to be fascinating, and so obviously reflective of the character and devotion of a man who most folks only knew as their teacher, professor, and friend.

Please let us know if you enjoy this look into how the grace of God shaped him for years of fruitful service.

Dr. Dick and Uncle Elmer with “Humility”

I have been able to learn from his daughter that there are important facts and information about his pre-seminary days that may be of interest to those who loved Dr. Dick. Stay tuned.

The Life Story of “Humility”

3 thoughts on “Dr. Dick – Part 3

  1. Darla Stricklin

    Thanks for the post you had sent mid July and the story in the Dakotas. It was so interesting, I read it all at once. What a testimony to the answered prayers and all the people that heard the gospel and found the Lord as their Savior. If you ever put all your Grace Journeys in a small book, please let us know. We’d be glad to purchase. We were blessed by each one. The Lord is so good! Just finished a week of Vacation Bible School. Ed & Darla (Minnesota)

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    1. Thank you for your kind encouragement. Actually, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not going to publish a book, unless I can just give it away. I spent my last 18 years in ministry, before coming to Florida, in Bible curriculum publishing. In that wonderful ministry (positiveaction.org) we learned marketing by ministry. So, we published and gave away free encouragement type books to teachers. That taught us something. God, by His grace, grew the ministry of selling student workbooks for schools and churches. They ship books around the world. I’m trying to get help to find the best and most readable method to give my thoughts away digitally. By an evident instrument of God’s grace, I am corresponding with a former 4th grade student of my Connie to do just that thing. My real burden is to write about all of the grace learning that I have been trying to mine in the scriptures. I have some willing helpers to give me the editorial and theological guidance that would be priceless.

  2. Pat Delaney

    What a fabulous piece! Having been born and raised in Clinton, Iowa, I am very familiar with Dewitt. In fact, I have Delaney relatives still living there. Praise the Lord for lives lived by faith!

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