The Ministry of Mentoring

“…able to teach others also.” II Timothy 2:2

This week we had the sad human experience of saying an earthly farewell and remembering the life of Terry Price, our pastor at Maranatha Baptist Church. The striking characteristic of Terry’s life that emerged at his memorial service was his impact on others. As his son Oz declared; his dad’s faithfulness, friendliness and steadfast following of Jesus left a marked influence on their family and a host of individuals he touched.

Pastor Price’s grandsons serve as pallbearers to honor their grandfather.

This was especially seen in his 42 years of teaching and coaching young people in two different Bible colleges. Scores upon scores of students and players have spoken out this week about the significant influence Coach Price had on their lives. Members and friends of Maranatha Baptist Church have also expressed a similar testimony from the three short years Pastor Price led by serving the church ministry here in Sebring, Florida.

It is a distinct privilege to participate in the lives of others through mentoring, discipling, and sharing significant life-building relationships. At the memorial service I was able to reconnect with some of Terry’s football players that I knew from over twenty-five years ago when I served on the administration at Maranatha College. It was a distinct joy to see them going on – enthusiastically serving their Lord.

Pastor Ross Johnson, Coach Malmanger, Pastor John Morlan, and Pastor Rob Cronin.

While serving at the college, I was a big fan of the football team. That was especially influenced by my observation that some of the strongest spiritual leaders on campus, at that time anyway, were the leaders of the football team. This was no doubt due, in large measure, to the emphasis of Coach Price, and supported by his coaching staff. But it was obvious to me that these student athletes were genuinely “team players” and that spirit was exhibited by them in their attitude toward the whole student body.  

The football players were leaders in cheering for the other athletic teams, and they were excellent role models and encouragers for the new recruits on the squad. Football was seen as a realistic metaphor for life – and especially for the struggles and challenges of the Christian life.  

Twenty former players with Coach Mal and Colene Price at the graveside service.

One year a small group of underclassmen became involved in some off campus rule-breaking activity. They accepted the discipline meted to them, and were removed from the team. I reached out to those athletes and invited them to join other students for a Saturday morning prayer time. It was a good learning and growing time for me. And, as it turned out, it became a strategic support for our family because our Marine son was deployed into harm’s way during the period of Gulf War I. Those guys prayed with me and supported our family during a very difficult time.

I learned that the essential elements of mentoring are sharing, listening and encouraging. It is truly a gift flowing from God’s grace to have the privilege of mentoring and ministering in the building up of the body – the body of believers; serving together until Jesus comes for His own.   

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