Cheer Up Ye Saints of God

Reflection from November 18, 2018

Last fall I was going through a significant physical trial that included two heart surgeries in several weeks. After returning home from the hospital on Thursday, November 15, I wrote the words below on Sunday the 18th following a simple personal worship time in my recliner. Over several weeks and months I continued to write thoughts and musings that ultimately led me to launch this blog as a repository for those thoughts. A few friends encouraged me to publish my writings and so this blog is a result of those encouragements.

Thankful to be feeling stronger today. Have energy to get a few things done and to read, with Connie, Dr. Ketcham’s meditation on the Saviour’s “Supply” from Ps. 23:5. Good stuff! Then Connie brought home several cards from church friends, and the attached scan shows a message that really touched me. The Great Shepherd is supplying strength for me.

Then I listened to a message by Alistar Begg entitled: The Absolute Supremacy of Christ. It was a solid theological exposition from Ephesians, but he concluded the sermon by using an old Scottish Sunday School song from his boyhood days to drive home the truth of Christ’s supreme sufficiency. It made me chuckle, because I remember a Scottish evangelist from my boyhood quoting and singing the same chorus in his lilting Scottish brogue. Simple, and yet profound.

Cheer up ye saints of God

There’s nothing to worry about

Nothing to make you feel afraid

Nothing to make you doubt

Remember Jesus never fails

So why not trust Him and shout

You’ll be sorry you worried at all

Tomorrow morning

3 thoughts on “Cheer Up Ye Saints of God

  1. Ada Symonds

    I taught this chorus to my Junior choir 50 years ago!!! So blessed to read it again and know this truth never changes! Hello from Cortland, new home!

  2. Julie Russo

    Dear Gerry,
    This truly blessed me so much tonight after just a few days after knee replacement surgery. So much pain etc. and I feel I somehow twisted inside my knee getting up like feeling something tore. But oh how sweet these words to hear knowing how faithfully the dear Lord has taken care of me over the years. The one who care for the birds cares even more for me.
    Continuing to pray for your sweet Connie. God is even sending sweet friends to visit from church And my precious granddaughter is out walking my 🐶. Not to forgot my dear husband that is my rock and blessing every day.
    In His Love, Julie Russo

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