He Restoreth My Soul

On November 16, 2018, I wrote a short note on Facebook that was offered as a brief update on my personal health journey after heart surgery.  Later, after several follow-up posts, a few friends encouraged me to “publish” my thoughts and musings. I knew the notion of writing, and subsequently printing, a book was not a good plan for just a few interested friends…but publishing a blog was an idea that I had already considered. About six months later the Grace Journey blog was launched with minimal fanfare. But I have been gratified by more than just a few readers communicating and commenting on my Grace Journey posts.

With this post I will begin a republishing of those Facebook posts from late 2018 and early 2019. At least this will give me a repository to make those writings available for my personal meditation in the days to come. If they are a blessing to someone else – that will be a bonus for me.

Nov. 16, 2018. I am so thankful to be home from the hospital after two visits and acquiring six new stents to supply my heart with adequate blood flow. Now I need to gain strength and get back on my feet again.

Before my first visit to the hospital I began to focus on Psalm 23 as I struggled to sleep. Now I realize that my blood circulation issues were probably at the basis of my sleep issues. But the Lord has used this time for me to meditate on this beloved “Psalm for the Living” over the past week.

My dear friend Frank Hamrick taught me the practice of focusing on God in the study and meditation of the scriptures. For the last week I have been immersing myself in meditating over and over on the blessed ministry of our Lord — the Great Shepherd in Ps. 23.

I was able to download a copy of Robert Ketcham’s short book, “I Shall not Want” via Kindle. This little volume has been a helpful guide to explore and digest many of the rich truths in this familiar Psalm.

Today Connie and I read this thought from Dr. Ketcham that brought such clarity to our thinking and praying. “The sheep needs courage, not to fight the lion, but to trust the shepherd. And we may say to you most emphatically that it takes more courage to trust the Shepherd than it does to fight the lion.” The Lord, through the truths of His word, gives that courage and peace to trust Him.

During times of physical weakness it is such a joy to trust a great God who watches over us. We can peacefully say our “life is hid with Christ in God.”

The picture attached was taken by Annie Greenwood Waldron of the pond in front of our house here in Maranatha Village. Truly this is a place of “still and quiet” waters at this time in life’s journey for us.

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