God Focused Meditation

Thinking is not in style today in our fast-paced information age. We consume huge amounts of data and leave little time for careful investigation, study and meditation. But when life gets difficult we like to have solid support and compassionate assurances that everything will be okay. The Bible directs us to the only one who can say, “Be still, and know that I am God!”

In this post I am offering beginning excerpts from Frank Hamrick’s penetrating writing in his eight lesson study Mighty Through God. In three successive upcoming blog posts I will publish more of his helpful thoughts.


Meditation is a lost art. During David’s day (and even until recent times), men put much time in meditation, realizing the benefits of this daily prac­tice. As a result, men were deep in their love and appreciation for the Lord. Their insight into God’s Word was deep, and their writings sparkled with adoration and dripped with the honey of praise for the grace and glory of their God. Biblical and biographical records of great Christians through the centuries reveal that meditation produces dedication, but a lack of meditation produces stagnation.

Definition Of Meditation

What is meditation? Meditation is a mental process through which Scripture is memorized, visualized and personalized. Scripture is taken through the mind, the will and the emotions; and as a result, there is a greater love for the Lord and a life of holiness and faith.

Benefits Of Meditation

• Isaiah 55:8-9. Gives us the mind of God. God’s thoughts are the opposite of ours. So how are we to think like Him? By running His thoughts through our minds. God’s Word is an expression of the way God thinks. Someone has said that the Bible is God’s brain. If we can constantly run His thoughts through our minds, pretty soon we will begin to think like He does. This is why the old Puritan writers had such depth of knowledge and such beautiful ways of expressing themselves. They had so saturated their minds with His Word that they literally “thought Scripture.” Thus, we need to have the same mind or attitude as Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16; Philippians 2:5).

• Psalm 119:97-99. Gives wisdom and understanding. Note Psalm 119:130. God’s Word gives “light.” David explains what light is in the next phrase “understanding.” There is a difference between knowledge and understanding. One can know facts but not understand them. When one understands Scripture, he has wisdom. Note Psalm 119:24. God’s Word is our “counselor.” Each verse gives us advice. Each verse reveals the perfect will of God. Each verse gives us perfect light and insight for every decision. If we truly know God’s Word, we have a perfect guide for every situation; and as long as we follow that guide, we will never make a wrong decision!

How To Meditate On God In The Word

How do we meditate on God in His Word? We are not to focus on the Word of God, but we are to focus on the God of the Word. There is a difference. We can read the story of David and Goliath and learn all the facts in the story and miss the whole point. The Bible was not written to tell us about David and Goliath, but to tell us about David’s God. Have you ever read that story and concentrated just on God in the story? That’s what we mean by focusing on God.

But exactly how do we do that? Turn to 1 Samuel 17:32-54, read the passage and look for three things: (1) what God does, (2) what He is and (3) how He acts.

What God Does (actions God takes in this passage)

17:33-35. He delivered David from the lion and the bear.

17:36. He identified Himself with His people since they are called “the armies of the living God.”

17:45. He will not allow His name to be defied forever but will side with those who fight in His name.

17:46-50. He delivers the righteous so that He may be feared.

What God Is (His character and attributes as seen in this passage)

17:34-35. Omnipotent

17:36. Compassionate

17:45. Jealous of His name: faithful to aid His people

17:46-50. Sovereign (Lord over the wicked)

How God Acts (The way God acts/reacts in this passage)

17:32. God chooses many times to use one man alone.

17:33. God’s viewpoint of our circumstances is different from ours.

17:37. God’s providential dealings with us in the past should be used as comfort for the present.

17:39. God gives victory to those who “put off” their trust in carnal

17:42-45. God comforts His children when they are persecuted by the wicked.

17:46. God is real to those who believe in Him.

17:49. God providentially blesses the instruments of those who fight for Him. 

The next three blog posts will continue excerpts from Mighty Through God.

Copies of the eight lesson study can be ordered online or from Positive Action for Christ, P.O Box 700, Whitakers, NC 27891, phone 800-688-3008.

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